New Arrival of Latest Korean Skincare and Cosmetic.

Nature Republic -Latest Korean Skincare.

What: Korean Skincare and Cosmetic.
Brand: Nature Republic
Spokesperson: RAIN (BI)


Republic Nature Spokesperson

Special: Nature Republic mentioned that all their products are added with Patent Global MD(Medicinal) Water.
” MD Water is our special, medicinal blend of purified waters collected from renowned sources around the world and extracts from the finest natural ingredients using patented Nanophospholipid Liposome Drug Delivery Technology.”

Competitor: The Face Shop(Most malls), Missha (Orchard Central B1), Skinfood(Bugis), Beauty Credits.

Where: 313@Somerset

I dropped by the 313 Somerset, saw this Shop. Walking in thinking it was TheFaceShop, i was wrong.
After interaction with the sales girl, she said this is Nature republic.
What interest me is the eyelash serum. It’s applicator comes with a tiny acrylic-painting like brush rather than usual mascara comb wand. Priced around 15.00 SGD.
Another item interest me is their Dr Calm soothing toner. *do check out girls …its without alcohol and meant for sensitive skin.
Currently the store is having 20% discount / rebate for selected items.

What i purchased:
1) Sparkling Eye Liner – gel like texture with brush applicator @ 12.00 *After 20% rebate.
2) Sleeping mask- Translucent pink like texture, fast to absorb *yesterday i tried it was quite good.@ 22+ SGD.
3) Hyaluronic Acid Paper mask – @2.80 SGD
End of the Purchase the Salesgirl dropped me some Laser white toner. *Sweet.
Btw the Sales girl said that to become member the benefit will be subsequent 10% rebate every purchase.

To become member needed to purchase till 100 dollar per receipt or 3 receipts with 100 dollar purchase within the month.
What i will purchase their product in future.
1) Concealor – in stick form definately not this.

2) BB cream – Ok they have 2 types.
a)Blemish Lab AC BB Cream SPF20 Natural type -*According the sales girl this is meant for sensitive/troubled skin.

Nature Republic - AC lab BB cream.

Swatches of Eau de shine multi-action cover base SPF 25 PA++ 01 and 02

After absorption of the BB cream swatches on my derma.

b)Eau de shine multi-action cover base SPF 25 PA++ 01 and 02. I like the coverage and after absorption-feel.

3) Mineral compact- very fine and sheer coverage.*Which the sales girl claim it is of Mineral powder.

Official website:


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Arrival of Kissme mask ; Heroine mask @ Sasa

Went to SaSa and saw the legendary mask that Nv Ren Wo Zui Da was always raving about.

Saw it in this loveevebeauty’s blog too.

Singapore at first bring in similiar products like mascara and lip gloss.Also selling in Sasa.

By reading alot of review about the mask, one is not surprised that sasa is selling it at 8.00 per pieces *SGD.

Oh did mentioned that i saw a website in local selling the same brand?

Hey hey i saw the Sasa also said that they selling the blush as well at $20.50.

Other affliated site:

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Red tip bird-like flower.

I managed to capture the fruit of this plant. Looks like rose bud though.

Saw this plant in the temple of Long San Shi.
Found research scientific name : Zamioculcas zamiiifolia.
Indonesian called it Cucak rowo?
Sounds like a bird name.
But believe it or not every new shoot or buds are in the shape of a green birdie, when it wither it looks like yellow birdie.
So cute and the bird-bud looks like hidding in the green leaves.
It seems have other name as well devil’s backbone.

It is the family of Zamioculcas.*金钱树* But with exotic bird-like buds.

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Illuma’s link

Today i had my feet on Illuma’s link bridge from Bugis Junction to Illuma.

First walk from Bugis Junction.

Walking upwards there is the escalator… Going up, in the link there are shops just like clifford pier’s link way… Too bad gone are the shops in the Clifford pier link bridge. *i remembered there was a very old watch and antique shop. So interesting.. wonder where the shop goes to.

There i saw Fashion pal on the left, on right further there seems to be a beauty shop with korean’s brand…. Another left side i saw Dermonde * a Korean skincare brand seems to start up with a Korean lady boss who settled here….

Next to her shop there is a 10 dollar watch shop….The Myanmar / Vietnamese staff there very friendly and approachable… Oh there is a shoe shop name IM@ge.

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Colour me with Liese Bubble Hair Color Cassis Berry.

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Skincare from Taiwan.

Got it in my Inbox email.
Surprise from

New Taiwanese skin care.

Get hauling at

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Sales going at Kanebo…

Went into the Sales at Kanebo by Mitsui.

Kanebo sales extend till wednesday 15th dec

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Kanebo Sales Launched On 2009!

Saw this poster at the basement of Hong Leong Building!
Checked out many brands like Kate, Kanebo, SenSai.

Kanebo Sales from Mitsui!

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Long Queue at Raffles Place Chevron House.

Get your rewards fpr 5 pads of 5 pads exchange!

Kotex Luxe Tin.
Free Refill of 5’s Kotex Luxe pads and Win a Diamond Solitaire Pendant worth $2000.
One tin @1.95 for another 5 pads free!

Not to forget the promotional box of 10 pads of Ultrathin or overnight at SGD S$5.80 each (usual price at SGD S$6.80).Buy the two boxes and get goody bag worth 180!! Goodies bags varies…. inclusive facial spa vouchers, Vagisil wash and wipes as well as panty liners!
A good promotion for our feminie hygiene use!

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Passing by Orchard ION.

Just walking further there is a Armani shop.Look up elevation view…

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